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Photo by Hanne Lamon (c) 2020


Guitars, Bass, Arrangements, Composition, Production, Script


Pablo Patricio Ortíz was born in the winter of 1977 in Morelia, Mexico. The legend says that, as a baby, his first cradle was his father's guitar case. As a result of spending big part of his childhood on tours, rehearsals or at concerts, he started playing the guitar at the early age of 8. Just a couple of years later, tired of attending the rehearsals just to get bored while waiting for his father, he decided to become an active member and joins the music-theater group La Mueca where he officially starts his professional career. There he worked in several projects as guitarist, actor and composer for almost ten years.


In the autumn of 1996, tired of La Mueca, he moved to the Czech Republic and became a student at the Prague Conservatory. During the following six years he combined his studies in Classical Guitar and Composition with an intense activity as a professional musician playing Chamber Music, Rock, Jazz and Folk, performing in clubs and theaters of Prague and abroad.


In 2002, tired of the cold weather, Pablo moved to Seville (Spain) to continue his studies in composition. Then in 2006 he graduated, achieved a Masters degree from the Superior Conservatory Manuel Castillo and, tired of the hot weather, decided to move again. This time he ended up in Belgium (where it rains all the time) and, after a continuous and close collaboration with the well-known Dutch musician Erik Visser, in the winter of 2007 became officially a member of the legendary band Flairck where he remains until today. 

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