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 Viola Da Gamba


Originally from Alicante, the viola da gambist, cellist and musicologist, Fernando Marín has specialized in early bowed instruments, historical interpretation and chamber music. He received his doctorate in musicology with his thesis on the Hispanic Bowed Vihuela (its sound and gut strings).

He has researched the origins, methods of playing and repertoire of these instruments, developing a very unique technique of accompanying the voice in his duo Cantar alla Viola. In addition to numerous Duo CDs, he has released four solo CDs. 
His first solo CD, eVIOLution, traces the origins of the viola da gamba, while the second CD, sCORDAtura, focuses on historical strings and tunings. The Art of the Vihuela de arco (2017) and Magia consoni et Dissoni. He has also published articles on musical rhetoric, gut strings, ornamentation and improvisation.  In 2017 he won a Leonardo Grant for Researchers and Cultural Creators of the BBVA Foundation with his proyect: Recuperación de las vihuelas de arco renacentistas y su interpretación musical.

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