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A one of a kind singer and filmmaker, and extreme immigrant, sings and narrates from the very border that defines her own existence. Member of the avant garde and eclectic trio Muna Zul, she has musically collaborated with the German filmmaker Werner Herzog, and has shared the stage with Mola Syla, Ernst Reijseger, Juan Pablo Villa, Rita Guerrero, Iraida Noriega, Ensamble Segrel, La Barranca and several other figures in the Mexican music scene.

With Muna Zul she has performed in France, Spain, USA, South America and in the most renowned music festivals in Mexico. Their first CD, Muna Zul, was also produced by John Zorn, for TZADIK, in 2003.

Her most recent production Cantos para una diáspora (Tzadik records 2013), is a selection Sephardic traditional songs revisited in a contemporary manner, through which she pays a unique and intimate musical homage to her family tree.

She has composed music for theater plays and has taken part, as a singer, in several Mexican films, some of which have been internationally awarded. She has produced and direct documentaries about songs and singing in Mexico and the world. She is also the producer/director of the innovative TV series Erase una Voz (Once upon a voice).

Dora features with CRONOFONÍA as special guest on lead vocals.

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