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Benjamin Derclaye, born in Ghent (Belgium) in 1983 started playing music at the age of seven by following classical guitar lessons at the local music school. Since then music has been a passion and a must for him, literally taking most of his spare time. He started to play in local rock bands at the age of twelve and was participating in anything he could put his hands on. While keeping the guitarist position with one of his first bands for more than a decade, he started to take interest in music production as well, but it was only at a later age that he decided to learn production, piano and saxophone to enlarge his multi-instrumentalist capacities. He never narrowed his musical taste to just one genre.

At the age of 25, Benjamin decided to take his passion to a professional level. Over the years, he gained his live experience by playing in as much bands as he could in as much genres as possible featuring as guitarist and saxophonist. Following his instinct and wanting to improve his skills, Benjamin decided to enroll for a Bachelor in Audio Production at the Brussels SAE Institute. Obtaining his qualification resulted in a lot of professional projects and a position as a lecturer in that same SAE Institute. By then, he already had a couple of albums, singles and musical pieces under his belt.
Nowadays he is living in Australia working as a music producer, mixing engineer and writer and collaborating with different artists and companies, such as 7scenes, Vagebond, Sputnik Media, Starlight Entertainment NZ, Ostend Film Festival, Neridah Leishman, Vaulted Needles, Embracing Franki and Pablo Patricio Ortiz and has a bunch of projects running as we speak. He is still a current member of the SAE Institute Group and besides his musical passions and building his own business, Benjamin is also busy with moderating community-based music projects and making documentaries.
Benjamin features in Cronofonia as sound engineer at the European side of the project.

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