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Her musical training has been within La Mueca, an organization of art, culture and philosophy, where she has explored different music genres, such as traditional Mexican music, blues and rock. She has also taken singing lessons with Luz Bermejo, with whom she has explored classical and jazz singing techniques.


She was a member of the music group La Navaja, with whom she recorded two albums and performed throughout the province of Michoacán, as well as at the Fenal festival of León, Guanajuato. She is  one of the founders of the son jarocho (traditional Mexican music from the region of Veracruz) group Mayambé.

As a member of La Mueca, she has participated in several music-theater shows, and has toured across Mexico, appearing in festivals and in several theaters. She has also join international tours to the Scandinavian countries, Russia and Greenland.


Xanai has participated in several productions with this group and she features as coordinator of the children and youth workshop "Sabadeando arte con La Mueca", where she works on theatrical, musical, multimedia and literary elements.


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