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Mexican writer, born in Mexico City in 1971 and resident of Morelia, Mexico since 1984. Until today he has cultivated, without any scruple or shyness, all known literary genres and he is yet awaiting for someone to invent a new one.


He has published:

Prose and fiction - (La sombra de Pan, 1997, novel;  La razón de los monstruos, 2000, story; El canto de las ranas, 2004, prose and story; En cueros, 2011, children's story). Poetry - (El manar de la sombra, 1997; Las raíces del aire, 2008, Camlann, 2011; Instantáneas del distante, 2011). Thatre plays - (Los ojos perdidos de Mirmidón, 1996; Como esperando a Godoy, 1999; Lóreas, 2006).


Sergio has also participated in several anthologies and collaborated with several press media at regional and national level (newspapers, magazines and radio). The largest part of his production in theatre plays (approximately a dozen original plays and about ten adaptations of works from Aeschylus, Chekhov, Shakespeare, Buñuel and García Lorca, among others) has been performed by theatre companies and Mexican theatre groups across all the Mexican territory.

In 2010, an adaptation of his unpublished novel Abecerial Killer was premiered in Caracas, Venezuela, by the theatre ensemble Teatro de la Uva. Also in 2010, Sergio collaborated with the script for the TV series Tanto Mitote, produced by the regional television of Michoacan and broadcasted in several public television channels in Mexico and the USA. In 2011 collaborated with the Dutch band Flairck, adapting his epic poem Camlann for the production of the show The Battle. Performed in the Netherlands and Japan.

Sergio features in CRONOFONÍA as script writer of the story that is narrated in the album.

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