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Hi, my name is Jinian Wilde, the vocalist and strangeling extraordinaire, with the fabulous David Cross Band.

Sometimes known as Jin Wilde or just Jin, I'm a singer, songwriter, studio vocalist, vocal instructor and musician (I play guitar) and I've worked with a great number of musical projects and with UK's Paris Music, providing backing vocals for artists requiring top quality BV tracks for their own projects. Following this I also founded Wilde Rose Studio. I have collaborated most notably with Uniting Nations, Daz Sampson and since 2007 I took the lead vocals role in the David Cross Band, touring Europe and the UK and recording with David on the Sign of the Crow release.

I'm a Strangeling, and as such I love to sing (we Strangelings do really love to sing... a lot... as much as possible really!).

I also enjoy Arts and Crafts, especially drawing and messing about with colour... How Strange! ;)

Strangely enough, everything else about me is probably too strange to mention... so i'll leave it there...

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