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English lyrics


Ingrid is an Australian lyricist, topline songwriter, voice actor and screen writer. She is responsible for the English adaptation of some of the lyrics in Cronofonia's album.


Ingrid studied narrative comedy under Tim Ferguson, and sketch writing under Vin Hedger (Rastas). Writing experience: writer for the main host of live comedy/ talkshow, Live on Bowen, comedy sketches (some I've produced into animations), shorts (finalist in Toyota Yaris competition), and comedy articles.

She loves writing for kids and adults.


Because there's never enough ways to offend people in polo shirts, she also has a comedy site - 10 Minutes Later.


Having studied multiple television and film classes at RMIT University, she had a lot of experience writing drama, and she enjoys writing gritty scenes, tense dialogue, and flawed characters. Her favorite thing? Bringing comedic moments into drama, and tragedy into comedy.


In 2012, her short thriller, The Prowler, was shot in England, and went on to screen at Newport Beach Film Festival and Cannes Film Festival.


She is also writer/script editor on C31 horror anthology series Strange Tales. For season 2 of Live on Bowen, C31's flagship show, she was the writer and segment producer for main host Rob Lloyd, then Aaron McCarthy when he took over the role.


She also wrote cold openers, edited and rewrote head writer cold openers, performed research, and created concepts for the gameshows the co-hosts participated in.

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